Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Empowering businesses that trade across seas, countries & continents with Trade Finance

The world has never been so accessible a trading place as today, yet for the many companies that take the leap into other markets, there can be a litany of financial issues that await. Central to this is the all-too common occurrence where cash flow becomes disrupted.

What’s more, a further hurdle that businesses must overcomewith traditional funding is the flat out refusal to lend to companies who import or export goods, providing options instead to those who only trade domestically. This is yet another issue that we resolve, providing an alternative to the often problematic path to trading cross seas and overcoming what is yet another frustrating blip in the banking systems in which businesses were once forced to rely on.

Trade finance can be thought of as a collection of solutions that open the door to trading internationally; we’ll craft a solution that effectively acts as a trade finance partner – an intermediary that sits between your business, the manufacturer, and your end client, and who finances the transactions that span the entire process.

For businesses, this means that the need for vast amounts of working capital is eradicated, and for the finance partner, this solution delivers a robust investment – through lending that is structured on a cast-iron, confirmed order basis.

If your business is traversing international waters and trading past borders then the need for trade finance may be essential; talk with the Hyper Capital team today to discover whether this solution is right for your business.

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Trade Finance