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Secured Commercial Loan

Secured Commercial Loan for the longer term – with you every step of the way

Our Secured Commercial Loan solution meets the needs of SMEs who are seeking larger funding amounts – it provides for an often essential cash injection to achieve growth and fund prosperity.

We’ve created this solution to be the perfect fit for previously frustrated SMEs – for businesses who may just be starting up, for companies with problematic credit profiles and for commercial entities that may only have a low turnover.

Through funding that is secured against any commercial property, businesses can access the finance that they need to realise their potential, to fulfil pressing business plans and to simply secure the funds that they need, when and how they need them.

Just as with each solution that we provide, our Secured Commercial Loans have been designed with good business sense in mind. That’s why we provide a tailored service for every loan weaccept: and just some of the ways in which we customise this solution includes seasonal payments, as well as payment holidays.

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Secured Commercial Loan