Invoice Discounting & Factoring

Invoice Discounting & Factoring

Invoice discounting – freeing up working capital

One of the biggestchallenges faced by SMEs is all too often the problem of cash flow management. Even with the most diligent of processes in place, and a cast iron schedule for invoicing operations, all businesses can face peaks and troughs.

Invoice discounting overcomes the often insurmountable hurdle of streamlined working capital – and instead of waiting for weeks or months on end for payment, we simply advance you the majority of the invoice value, right away.

When the invoice is then paid, the remaining funds are sent to you following the repayment of our advance.

All of this is undertaken without your customer ever knowing that that you’ve tapped into the power of invoice discounting – it’s discreet and it allows you to carry on about business as normal.

Invoice Discounting
Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring – freed up cash flow, with complimentary credit control

Credit control is an inherently tricky task – and for the SME that lacks a finance department the chasing of invoices can be as dreaded as it is ineffective and detrimental to the other and often more pressing tasks within business operations.

Invoice factoring provides for a financing solution that offers both cash advances upon invoices, as well as out-sourced credit control.

We deal directly with your customers on your behalf - we take control of you sales ledger and ensure that the financed invoices are simply paid on time; we’re even able to provide assessments of your potential customers and their credit worthiness – helping you to forge the right relationships and build a customer base that serves as an asset, rather than a liability.

This solution is then suited to those who may be in the early stages of seeking financing, or for companies that are in their first fledgling years.

Invoice finance provides for our most flexible and accessible form of finance for companies of all sizes and descriptions – talk with the Hyper Capital team today about harnessing this powerful form of funding for your business.

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