Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances

Business Cash Advances offer short term loans for streamlined cash flow

Our Business Cash Advance solution has been built with the SME in mind; for companies that process more than £3,500 annually via their merchant terminal.

This is a fast, efficient solution to temporary cash flow issues – smoothing out business turnover to provide for an altogether more predictable way of operating.

We offer flexible repayments – which means that your cash flow benefits today and tomorrow – not just in the immediate short term – and as repayments are only made through a set percentage of future transactions, our clients look forward to complete peace of mind and reliable profitability.

This is the answer to those quiet months, where income is being awaited and for situations that require an immediate cash injection.

All we require is 12 months’ worth of merchant statements. It’s as simple as that.

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