Hyper Capital: Revolutionised business funding

A company that set out with grand plans for real change

Our company was founded upon the belief that there was a better way to do business. We recognised that companies up and down the UK still had to do battle simply to source funding – funding that was far too hard to secure, even where they a business relationship may have existed between company and bank over a many number of years.

Change was needed – and new connections needed to be made to cut out the traditional funding avenues.
This leads us to today.

For businesses - we provide a fast, efficient and flexible way to secure funding.

A perfect balance between lender and borrower

For too long the scales of funding have been tipped decidedly to the lenders’ side; business funding had become big, and rather unfair, business for banks. What’s more these institutions had become were impersonal, inflexible and incredibly demanding. We’ve been busy challenging how such relationships should work – matching borrowers’ needs to the attitude to risk of our lenders.

This is funding that provides for business growth, as well as solid investor returns. This is funding on an altogether fairer and more transparent scale.

Commercial finance brokerage with invaluable connections

As a commercial broker we’re only as strong as the network that surrounds us, and through a massive pool of lenders we’ve become known as a commercialfinance brokerage where invaluable connections can be forged. When you seek funding through Hyper Capital – you tap into a world of potential investors and a business model of funding that works in the real world of today.

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